Thursday, March 31

Groovin' on up

So, I do not have any exciting or even marginally acceptable knit progress to share, but I do have exciting new plans for future knits. I've decided that I need a boobholder, one of the stunning creations from the clever and vastly stylish design mind of Stefanie Japel. (Please stop me before I begin to sound like a rabid knitwear groupie.) Now, in expressing my love of and sudden desire for a boobholder, I'm being a bit disingenuous. This pattern is actually not something that I have just decided on, but the demands of blogging require that I fudge with some extra bits of narrative pizzazz. You understand.

Anyway, I have actually already purchased the necessary yarn for said boobholder (let's see how many times I can write boobholder in one post...). In fact, I have purchased the necessary yarn for...TWO boobholders (which will thus be capable of holding four boobs). As far as I can tell, the pattern looks relatively simple, and I think it would make for a killer addition to my wardrobe when my band (yes, I am in a band. It's not really a "Gee, let's see if we can strike it rich and be the next Nirvana" kind of band, but rather a bunch of friends who are decent musicians and who wanted some music-y extra-curricular activities to distract from the pressures and tedium of dissertation writing) plays a gig in two weeks. What one wears to a gig is extremely important, especially when one is one of only two chic band members in a cast of nine. That's just the way of the biz. I invest what is probably way too much thought in my ensembles for these performances, and I've decided that a boobholder will top off nicely my black pencil skirt and wife-beater. Feel free to disagree.

Since I feel compelled to post at least one picture, now would be the perfect time to sneak in this shot of a yoga mat bag that I made for my sister for her birthday (the big 21) a couple weeks ago. My camera was on the fritz, so she sent me this action shot (it's a bit dark):
And here's a closeup:
This is the Om Yoga Mat Bag from SnBN. I really liked making it and may make another for myself. Although, if I make it again, I think I will do it on circular needles. 14 inch aluminum needles aren't good for making friends in when used in public places, especially when seated with others in close quarters.

Tune in tomorrow when I will
flash my stash. (Although, don't hold your breath for it. It's just a little bit pathetic. I hope it doesn't feel too bad next to all of the bigger, older stashes.)


Anonymous Becky said...

Thanks for commenting at my site; it led me to your blog. It looks like you've got some fab projects going on. Very nice yoga mat!

I look forward to stopping by on April 1st to peek at your stash. (And it doesn't matter what size it is :-)!)

2:48 PM, March 31, 2005  

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