Wednesday, March 30


I realized that that's the word for it. Not only is it slightly more descriptive than "funky" but I think it gets the job done more efficiently. (That is to say, no one will have any confusion about whether I'm feeling somewhat blue or rocking out to Prince.)

However, I'm starting to feel better, and in honor of that I've started to dream. Big dreams. Possibly unattainable dreams. Dreams of
Isn't it glorious?


I was reading one of my new favorite blogs (Knit and Tonic) the other day and it featured a rumination on why we knit what we knit. What does our knitting say about us? A very interesting question. What does it say that I can't even finish a pretty simple, funky-preppy vest and yet dream this embroidered confection of a cardigan, imagining that of course mine would turn out as lovely as the one in the pattern? (In a slightly different color scheme, of course.) Am I a ridiculous dreamer? A girl who relishes the thought of complicated patterns and yet can't even finish the simple ones? Who am I kidding? I don't know how to embroider.

Again, sigh. A girl can dream, can't she?

By the way, as for my resolution to make time for the knit, well, let's just say that yesterday, I was able to make time for about four rows of the knit. Pathetic, huh?


Anonymous Wendy said...

Oh wow. You are a bigger dreamer than me. Reading your post, I can't help but say that we have so much in common (the musical background-dad me, sister, brother). But it is the choice of patterns, I think, that draws me into your own knitting/aspirations/hallucinations. I have looked at that same dang picture so many times but decided that I'm not strong enough to endure the impossible dream for so long. I will be re-visiting your blog to see if you are determined enough to learn how to embroider (trust me, that takes an iron stomach).

12:14 AM, March 31, 2005  

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