Monday, April 25

Yikes, stripes, or alternately, which shrug?

There are days when knitting is so incredibly rewarding that you want to puke. I had one of those days yesterday, when I started (finally) on my minisweater. In the beginning, there was trouble (Boobholder: The Beginning, coming soon to a theater near you). Not major trouble, but things were not as smooth as I would have hoped. It was like knitting mohair on bamboo needles, whereas I wanted the experience to be as easy and as liquidy and as glittering as knitting on my shiny new Addis is. Maybe, in fact, the new needles were part of what made the knitting so rewarding (eventually). I suddenly felt like a competent, ept (as opposed to inept) knitter, no longer hiding bashfully behind her amateur status but striding proudly out in front of her newly-discovered skillfullness.

Anyway, to get back to the initial strife-let. Cheerios (which is what my little sister calls my husband, since he has a Cheerios T-shirt he often wears) and I flew to my homeland this past weekend, so, obviously, I used the opportunity to knit (for the first time) on a plane. This did not work out, because I was wedged so tightly into my seat (airplanes are NOT a comfortable place when one is 6'1") that I was worried about the nuisance my undulating elbows might be to my neighbor (who was not my husband but instead one of those people who feels entitled to extend beyond the borders of his own seat with his arms and knees and complimentary beverage). Given this circumstance, an occasional elbow in the neck of Hogs-the-Armrest might have been just the thing, but it was early AM and I was tired and I felt like being the bigger person. So I read over the pattern for a while, making sure I understood everything, and then slept. And then left the pattern in my seat pocket when we de-planed. (Ok, so I admit it. I just wanted to use the word "de-planed.")

Well, not a huge setback, since I could print out another (though my parents' internet connection is as slow as molasses in January). But then I started and, about 20 rows into the thing, I realized I was doing right-slanting increases on both sides of the markers. This would not do. However, as a result of these things, I am now more proficient with increases (though, I'm sure I'll still have to refer
here the next time I need to execute one. I always do.). I have successfully frogged back to a specific row in my work instead of just ripping out the whole thing, which has been my former solution. And I am mastering the delicate art of "reading" my knitting. It makes me lightheaded with glee just thinking about it.

Ok, ok, enough of this. Here's the WIP of the hour, poorly lit, but ready to show you a good time. The striping was inspired by
Jess. The colors are not very accurate. In real life, it reminds me of raspberries and grapes. And also, the stripes will be even (except for purple border at the top). There, being protective, is the Patons Classic Merino I am using. Also on display, in their knitting premiere, are my homemade stitch markers. See them sparkle?


In other WIP news, I am momentarily setting aside my tank-top-desigining daydreams and doing a bit of re-shuffling of the yarn I have set aside for projects.

Lelah, I will now be making you out of the formerly messy, now quietly subdued, mercerized cotton in a beautiful dusky purple color (previously slated for creative inspiration and, eventually, a new tank).
Lovely blue Cotton Angora, as per Wendy's sage advice, I am no longer enthusiastic about knitting you into something that will have to be pulled over my head, so that you can lodge your fuzzy stowaways between my teeth. You are now destined to become an innocuous shrug to go with my new dress,
plaid dress
which will debut at a friend's wedding in a month (and, hopefully, at number one on the pop charts). Now the only issue left to ponder is, which shrug?


Blogger Wendy said...

Yay, now you'll not have to pull it over your head, but make sure that the hairs from your lovely cotton angora match the dress....heh, heh.

Are you really 6'1" or was it the passenger next to you. If you are the tall one, would you please fly out to my place and pose for my pictures?

10:52 PM, April 25, 2005  
Blogger amylovie said...

It's a wonderful feeling when you finally realize you know a little bit about knitting.

That dress is stunning. You will steal the show in it and your new fabulous shrug.


7:22 AM, April 26, 2005  
Anonymous becky said...

You're 6'1"??? Man, I'm jealous.

I wish I could help you with deciding on a shrug but I am so shrug happy right now that I can't decide myself. There are SO MANY gorgeous ones out there! (Did you see the latest IK? There's a whole article on shrugs.)

9:28 AM, April 27, 2005  

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