Thursday, May 12

She's Come Undone

You know how girls can be completely dumb about their own appearance sometimes? Well, I debuted the boobholder last Friday. My band had a gig and I thought it would be appropriately funky. Why would I think that a cropped sweater whose sole purpose seems to be to frame the girls would not draw any undue attention to my, ahem, decolletage? As a friend of mine said, after I responded with surprise to his comment, "Bust-tacular," "Girls are dumb." We sure can be.

Over the weekend, I made my first foray into the wonderful world of yarn recycling, thanks in large part to the inspiration of Ashley's recycled yarn tutorial. For $8, I got two sweaters:
1) a %100 lambswool sweater from American Eagle -- I've already unraveled this one, actually, and it yielded almost 1200 yards. And it's a very boring cream color, making it perfect for my first attempt at Kool-aid dyeing. Whee.
2) a black, silk-blend sweater, women's L, that is soft, soft, soft. I can't wait to find something to re-knit it into.

So, speaking of re-knit, or rather re: knit, let's talk current projects. You know, I'm jealous of knitters who have multiple projects going at once. I wish I could, but I have some sort of irrational objection to working on more than one item at a time. Trust me, I've tried. I'm just not very good at it. This is not to say that I don't have multiple knitting ideas spinning around in my head at all times, however. For example, I've had the yarn for the SnBN armwarmers for months now. And if I don't get crackin', it will soon be far too warm for them to be useful, let alone for me to want to work on them. I can't make up my mind what yarn to use for Lelah; it changes almost weekly. Now, I've decided to use some "Is-it-being-discontinued-or-isn't-it?" Cotton Ease in the prettiest, deepest blue. I figured something a little stretchy would be better than some mercerized cotton that isn't. Hopefully, this will be the last word on yarn choice, in which case I will cast on today. In which case, it will be my second project on the needles (Ok, my third if you count the half-finished vest that I've lost interest in at the moment). The current project is my IK shrug. It is a sinfully easy knit, despite the tedium of 40 inches worth of 1x1 rib, but getting gauge was like trying to get loyal KGB operatives to divulge state secrets. The pattern calls for 10.5 needles, and after much finagling and ripping-out and swearing, I managed to get it right with size 6 neeedles!?! I blame the yarn. This cotton angora is slippery and slidy. Slippery and slidy away.

(As a footnote, I discovered amidst my failed attempts to get gauge that I have no size 7 needles anywhere in my house. How did that travesty happen?)

But the thing that's been spinning around in my head, the thing I've been dying to knit almost since I started knitting, is this:

from the always brilliant White Lies Designs.


Blogger amylovie said...

I have a hard time with things looking "boobtacular" on me too. I see these patterns and think I will look great in them only to look like Pam Anderson on a bad day. I just don't understand why women want boob jobs!!! Grass is always greener...

The White Lies cardigan is devine! I think there is a "a-long" on the Knitty board for it.

Have a great day,

3:24 PM, May 12, 2005  
Blogger Christie said...

My sister just finished hers...I can't wait to see it. You should go for it...2x2 rib is your friend!

3:59 PM, May 12, 2005  
Blogger carrie said...

I have the same kinda nervousness about wearing the two boobholders that I made. I love them, but it's like wearing a sandwich board around my neck that says "Here are my boobs! Notice them!"

Just found your blog and love it.

1:41 AM, May 13, 2005  
Blogger Kate said...

I just realized that I had no size 7 needles lately, too! I have been knitting for a few years now and have clooected lots of needles from thriftstores in that time... but no size 7. They're sort of an in-between size, I guess. Good excuse to splurge on a pair of addi turbos, though ;)

6:54 PM, May 17, 2005  

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