Friday, June 10

Aack, what am I thinking?

There are benefits and drawbacks to being flaky. One drawback is that one doesn't post on one's blog for an unforgivable amount of time, thus losing the mainly pitying interest of one's one "fan."

Another drawback is that one gets books from a certain popular crafting book club that one did not intend to order.

However, sometimes said book, and I will now be enumerating a benefit, is a book that one has yearned for ever since it first came out. And when one accidentally gets an unintended purchase in the mail and accidentally drools all over it, thus making it unfit for return, one can't help but to thank one's lucky stars for that temporary moment of flakiness.

Yesterday, Loop-d-Loop landed on my doorstep. It was love at first sight.

I'm just going to come right out and say this. Teva Durham is a genius. She is the most creative, brilliant, outside-the-box designer I have ever come across. I can even appreciate the brilliance of those few of her designs that are, dare I say, a little too out there for my tastes. (And I consider myself one of pretty out-there tastes.) Not to mention that the book itself is luxe and glossy and beautiful to behold.

Things I can't wait to make:

td princess coattd paisley purse
td medallion carditd bolero
td cable coattd capelet

That paisley purse is simply to die for, and so completely my style it's like TD climbed inside my brain for inspiration. The puffy-sleeved bolero is similarly death-inducing, and I can't wait to make it, even though I haven't the faintest idea how it stays up (seemingly by the sheer will power of that model's bosom). That cabled words. It's gorgeous. And anyone who could make me want to knit a fetching poncholette (OK, so she calls it a capelet, but I think we can all recognize it for what it really is. Let's call a spade a spade, here) has got to be a magician or something, since that's one of those items I swore I'd never make. But this little hooded number, well, it just makes me want to skip around in a forest, swinging a basket joyfully, and fleeing from wolves and woodsmen.

* * * * *

I'm about two seconds away from having finished knitwear to display here. Lelah has been finished for days now, but she is awaiting elastic. She looks quite lovely, if I do say so myself. I also knit my first Hurry Up Spring Armwarmer, despite the fact that spring passed GO without collecting any money and we've hurtled straight into sticky, balmy, humid nastiness. The second armwarmer may just have to wait until fall.

However, it's good that I finished one of them, because I'll be able to show the LYS owners that I know a thing or two about cabling and working on DPNs. When I go in TOMORROW for an INTERVIEW. That's right. They want me to bring in some of my work and chat with them in what I'm sure will be a completely casual, non-threatening atmosphere. Now that it's come down to it, I feel a little silly about bringing in my skillz sampler (see previous post), but I guess I'll just suck it up and do it. Especially since I don't really have any huge projects to showcase. No full-sized sweaters. No set-in sleeves. No fancy construction. Few things bigger than a breadbox.

Cross your fingers that I charm the pants off them, anyway.


Blogger amylovie said...

Why...why....WHY don't I buy this book? I've been him-humming around it since it came out. TD's stuff is so gorgeous!

I'm sending you "I'm a great employee" vibes....


3:38 PM, June 10, 2005  
Blogger Christie said...

Can't wait to get that book too...that sweater with the zippers...I don't know, is it infatuation? It's so silly...yet I want it. I will make it, put my hair in messy buns and sit glaring at passerbys. I love that hooded poncho thingy too...

5:06 PM, June 11, 2005  
Blogger natasha said...

i haven't gotten a knitting book that blew me away as much as loop d loop ever. i have almost every project earmarked. not only are the patterns gorgeous, one better than the next, but the photos are amazing. i love love love that looks really tough if you want to do a knit along for one of patterns, let me know, i would be into, i bet loads of others would as well.

9:20 PM, June 12, 2005  
Blogger natasha said...

oh, also, you will get that job. promise.

9:20 PM, June 12, 2005  
Blogger Chela Jane said...

Loop-d-Loop is quite possibly the most inspirational knitting book I have seen in long time. I even want to knit the kilt!

Hope you get the knitting job!

6:11 PM, June 20, 2005  

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