Tuesday, November 29

Around the world in 80 days

Ok, so I haven't been around the world (or even away from my negligible corner of it at all), and it's probably been more than 80 days since anyone has even bothered to give this blog the time of day.

What can I say?, she says, as she shrugs and cocks her head to one side in a way she means to be nonchalant.

Chalant has always been more my bag, anyway.

So, knitting. That's why you all come here, right? I know it's not for the free booze. Heh, "you all," as if my huge fan base has been chomping at the bit for the past few months, waiting in agony for my next post. It seems that the only person who missed my rambles was this lovely lady (seriously, scroll down a bit in the comments and you'll see. You'll all see!) (Whoa, who said that?). And since I aim to please, and since I kind of miss blogging, and since I definitely want to be held accountable for my knitting projects once again (I am suffering major finishing-itis), I will give this blog another go. With a new look and a different name.

Just to prove my worth in the knitting community, here are photos to prove that I have been knitting. [Caution: What you are about to see is an extremely crappy picture of an extremely beautiful knitted item. View at your own risk.] A few months ago I finished the Falling Leaves scarf (from
Scarf Style, as if you didn't know), and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I'm debating whether or not I should give it away as a Christmas present.


I know, I know. Blue scarf blocking on a blue couch?! Argh!

Here it is blocking. (I considered writing "in all its blocking glory," but, seriously. Do you realize how many knit bloggers use that particular cutesy phrase? Seriously. A lot. If I had the time or energy, I would have hyperlinked every word of that last sentence to prove my point. Ah well, that's for another post.) And here's some specs.

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 in some blue shade
Needles: Susan Bates Quicksilver US 7 circs (these may be my favorite needles of all time) (The quicksilvers, not neccessarily the size 7s. Although I am unusually fond of size 7s.)
Notes: Not much, except that I knit both halves at once, and would highly reccommend this to anyone knitting this scarf. And this was one of the cleverest, most satisfying patterns I've ever knit. The lace pattern wasn't quite memorizable (for me, anyway), but I feel like I progressed by leaps and bounds in the arena of reading my knitting. Not to mention that I became quite skilled at double decreases.

Coming up: better photos and more of my knitting plans...


Blogger Christie said...

Welcome back! I just looked at your blog yesterday when I was reconfiguring my links and noticed, 'um, why hasn't she blogged since my birthday? Hello, August?
Anyway, love the scarf...in all it's blocking glory. I don't think I've ever said that! :)

12:47 AM, November 30, 2005  
Blogger amylovie said...

Welcome back to blogland! The scarf looks great.

Is Mimsy your nickname?


7:40 AM, November 30, 2005  
Blogger Wendy said...

Hi have missed you, Cara! Wonderful to have you back. Keep showing us your stuff! How's the job?

10:35 PM, November 30, 2005  

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