Wednesday, February 8

The land of sloooooow stockinette


Q: What's more boring than an uneventful progress shot?
A: The experience of progressing on my Somewhat Cowl.

So, Somehwat Cowl. You are a wily one. So fetching, so fascinating, so alluring, with your promises of hourglass figures and stunning decolletage. (Oh, was that just me? Sometimes I really live in a dreamworld of knitted garments, where they have magical powers to make me thinner, more beautiful, more confident, and all-around more fun to be with.) Boy, I cannot wait to wear this sweater (Who could, with all of the surefire hope-dashers I'm imputing to it. It's just a sweater, I must repeat to myself. But it's so much more than a mere sweater, my self contradicts.)

As you can see, however, it is a long, long road to the magical burb of "Wearing This Sweater." Ville. (Mayor: me). I love the yarn (Gems Opal Merino in Fern): it's very soft and the color is wonderfully saturated, exactly the spunky, grassy green I had in mind. (It's great, too, because it's very different from my usual purple/pink/teal color preferences.) And when the sweater is done, I can experience unlimited fabulousness in it, because I can throw the thing in the washer and wear it again and again. (You know, I have heard about this handwashing thing, but I have also been known to let handwash-only items languish in corners for months while they await their gentle bath.)

I also love the pattern, which is well-written and straightforward. It's a good TV knit. But I can't stand the back and forth and back and forth and back and forth of these never-ending stockinette stitch rows. At 24 sts per inch. I thought that in my year and a half of knitting I had worked myself up to a respectable clip, but this project makes me feel like the world's slowest knitter. (Although, after googling that particular phrase, I realize I am not so special.) Actually, it's the "forth" part of the equation that really gets me down; my purls are the tortoise of this story. Part of the problem is that I've been playing around with my method of tensioning the yarn (I knit continental), but I can't seem to settle on something that really works for me.

What's even more tragic is that I'm so close to joining under the sleeves that I can almost taste it. You see, I had actually been chuggin' along on this sweater, in that I worked on it for a little bit every evening consistently (an hour of TV would get my about four or five rows). And then it was every other evening. Then every three evenings. And now, I haven't touched it for a week. I got really bummed out when I thought I was to the fabled end of seam and then measured and realized I still had at least an inch and a half to go. It killed my spirit.

Maybe I just need a drink. Though probably not while trying to knit this thing. Nothing would kill this little knitter's spirit faster than having to rip out the loooooong rows due to a tipsy mishap.


Blogger Wendy said...

Cara, the thing that keeps me going with the whole stockinette thing is this:

Things in stockinette look better on the body.

They cling better than any other stitch (other than ribbing)

They look more professional (not as much home-made)

You can do it , girl. You will love it. I know it. (just try it on as you go, and make sure the neckline is deep deep deep)

10:27 PM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger amylovie said...

I bought the pattern too. It is fab!


8:18 AM, February 09, 2006  
Blogger carrie said...

i can't wait to see some finished somewhat cowls! everyone is in the middle of them. i definitely see it in my future. love that shade of green.

12:57 AM, February 10, 2006  

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