Monday, February 27


Who doesn't love surprises? This is the coolest sweater. It reminds me of a sweater I had in high school and college. I got it for something like $2 at the thrift store, and I called it, variously, my "Ugly Sweater" or my "Librarian Sweater." Because, well, it was kind of ugly and looked like something a librarian from the 70s would have worn with her dismal, tweed skirt, sensible shoes, face-pulling bun, and sour expression. But it was ugly in that cool way, you know, by which I mean the way in which kids who try to be different and unique because they are a little bit out there (or think they are) think that ugly is the new cool? I think this is a phenomenon that spans space and time. Anyway, that sweater was super cozy, if an aesthetic eyesore. And this sweater reminds me of it, except 10 times better.


Blogger amylovie said...

Is it on your "must knit" list now?


8:04 AM, February 28, 2006  
Blogger Christie said...

I'm totally diggin' this sweater too! I have the perfect shoes for the 'sexy librarian' look too! MUST KNIT NOW!!!

12:09 PM, February 28, 2006  
Blogger goodkarma said...

I know! I keep wondering if this will suit me at all. I think you should make one and tell us how it fits you. :) ha!

8:24 PM, March 05, 2006  
Blogger yahaira said...

Im dieing to here what happened with the cowl sweater and if you're knitting starky or not.

11:25 PM, March 25, 2006  

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