Thursday, July 13

For now

Even though I've had what could be described as, at the most generous, inconsistent energy for knitting (and at the least generous, "what's with all the yarn and needles around here?"), I have managed to complete several little things, and I am well on my way to completing a third. And since I'm an incorrigible tease, they won't have their internet debut just yet. (In truth, they haven't been photographed yet. It's been all temper tantrums and pouting over here, and we certainly do not reward that kind of behavior with fashion shoots.)

However, I will reveal some of my in-the-works projects, first hinted at in my last post. That lovely cotton glace (purchased from the always-reliable Jannette), which, however it may look in photos, is in reality the most delicious shade of chocolate brown, is the last yarn I will be purchasing for a while. Although my stash is rather modest, and I'm sure it is a mere molehill when compared to the mountain that constitutes the stashes of others, I've decided I need to use what I have instead of purchasing blindly and then putting away indefinitely, or worse, forgetting about it completely. Anyway, I've had my eye on this pattern for a while (this pattern being Agnes from Rowan 35). Or, to be more forthcoming, I've been lusting after this sweater for months and months. I can't wait to get started.

Then there's these. I know I keep threatening to start knitting socks, but I'm really going to do it. Soon. Seriously. I just have to decide on patterns. Baudelaire? Hedera? Pomatomus? Jaywalkers? (Yes, I know I'm late to that party, but wouldn't they be perfect in the self-striping stuff in the lower left-hand corner?) These embossed leaf socks from IK? Something else entirely?

Finally, we have these two works in progress:

100_0704 100_0697
On the left is Ms. Marigold, though clearly mine will be more like Ms. Stripey-Plum-and-Teal. Or perhaps, Little Miss Stripey-Plum-and-Teal, ala this charming childhood throwback. This is another stashbuster for me; I'm using Anny Blatt wool/cotton (seems to be exactly like the Rowan version) that I picked up last year on the super cheap. I really love the way it is knitting up (both the yarn and the pattern) and I think this fiber will be much better for me than the alpaca called that's called for. (As a sidenote, what is UP with designers using yarn for garments that seem wholly seasonally inappropriate? I don't know about you, but I don't want to wear a wool or alpaca tank top. I think half the designs in the Summer IK were guilty of this.) Anyway, I am about to join the neck and begin knitting in the round. I'm crossing my fingers that I won't run out of yarn.

That itty bit o' knitting on the right will be Cherry. (Have you seen this gorgeous version by Carolyn?) I'm using the called-for yarn, Jo Sharp Soho Summer, which I am also thoroughly enjoying. This sweater is just so perfectly my cup of tea, it's as if Anna was poking around in the recesses of my brain for inspiration.


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I love Cherry! I haven't seen that pattern before.


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